Discover Your Creative Power - Limitless Potential
Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and organizations achieve their full creative potential, reach for new possibilities, and realize their highest vision and goals
Our services  include Consulting, Coaching and Wellness Programs, with a special emphasis on Women's Empowerment and Wellness. The services offer an integrative approach to personal and professional development.
Women's Empowerment and Wellness Programs educate, empower and inspire clients to trust their inner wisdom, embrace their creative power and achieve new possibilities for their personal and professional life.  Through individual coaching, specialty workshops, educational seminars, yoga, meditation, Reiki and more.... one prepares their mind, body and spirit to create a deeper sense of balance and well-being.   

*Monthly Women's Empowerment Groups (register for 10/18 workshop)  Creating Greater Prosperity and Abundance

NEW:    Women's Holistic Self-Defense  FREE Intro Session on
 Monday Oct 20th, 10-12pm and 7-9pm (two sessions to choose from)

 A unique blend of martial arts and holistic self-awareness techniques to keep you empowered!   These important set of tools will prepare your mind and body for a variety of life situations ranging from interpersonal communication to physical confrontation. Most importantly, you will learn ways to maintain composure, gain control, and take action in times of fear & stress

*Beach Yoga  at Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk! register now.  
Saturdays 830am-945am (weather pending) classes still ongoing through October. 


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