Discover Your Creative Power - Fertility & PreNatal Wellness
Discover Your Creative Power - Limitless Potential
Conscious Creations Programs include educational seminars, workshops and wellness services to support women at any stage of her "life-creating" cycle: Starting with Conscious Conception. We will soon be also adding programs to support  Mindful Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.
Conscious Conception 
Mind/Body Fertility Support Group & Seminars Series
3 Monday of the month 7-9pm  
Starting MAY 19th!!
Our fertility journey impacts (and is impacted by) all areas of our life: emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work and spirituality. The empowerment circles provides group support and insight needed to enhance these life areas.   It offers a mind/body/spirit approach to uncovering, understanding and transforming your fertility challenges so you can consciously create the “life” you want.

Conscious Conception
Join National and Local Experts as they share integrative approaches to support preconception health and enhance your fertility.Whether you contemplating conception or have been struggling with fertility, learn how you can prepare your body/mind/spirit for your journey to conception.
2014 Conscious Conception Monthly Seminar Series:
Preregistration Required.
Upcoming Topics include: 
Fertility Diet Tips & Recipes
East Meets West Open House
IFLOAT group seminar and mini float
Mind/Body Techniques
Functional Medicine
Fertility Hypnosis


Individual Empowerment Fertility Coaching to support you on your journey to motherhood. Each week you are guided as you navigate through the myriad of choices available to you, encouraged to listen to your own inner wisdom and honor and heal emotional stress that is an inevitable part of this journey, discover and shift beliefs that block you from flourishing, learn mind-body-spirit approaches and resources to enhance your fertility and create a new vision for your life!
Fertility & Pre-Natal Yoga 
Privates and Group Classes
Restorative/Gentle Yoga to promote deep relaxation, balance and overall wellness.  It open up your creative energy centers and increase circulation
Fertility & Pre-Natal
Reiki Energy Healing
Promotes relaxation, release of energetic blocks and enhances overall wellness for mom and baby
Past Events:
 Maria Fiora's Dance Studio, 201 Summer St, Stamford CT. Join an amazing community of female integrative practitioners for a day of relaxation, creativity, wellness & fun!
April 21, 2012
Fall 2011 Seminar Series
8 Mondays 730-930pm
 Contemplating Conception? Struggling with Fertility? Prepare your body/ mind/ spirit for a healthy journey to conception. Learn from local/ nationally recognized practitioners who share integrative approaches to support preconception health. Closing Comments: The Art of Creating a Fertile Life If you missed the event, no worries! Click here to see the entire program summary, resources and topics! And stay tuned for video clips from the event. Thank you to the speakers and contributors who made this seminar series a success!
Stay Tuned for 2012 Monthly Seminar Series & Teleseminars
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